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If you want to open your own restaurant, but you don't know how to start it because you don't have experience. I think this kind of distress must make many entrepreneurs feel headache. Worry about too much investment, hard to get back to the original? Afraid to enter a new industry, helpless and helpless? Can't you really open a restaurant without experience? Here, the small pot small three juice stew pot can help you solve these worries.
The three juice small stew pot abandons the traditional large stew pot mode of multiple people eating at the same time, and creates a single small stew pot for single person in China. It's a delicious dish in the south. In addition, it has attracted a large number of consumers and entrepreneurs due to its compact and fashionable appearance and convenient dining. Up to now, there are more than 600 Jiam stores in China, which can be described as blooming everywhere. There are eight business characteristics: no chef, automatic, standardized, no lampblack, no open fire, fast meal, no noise, healthy. Learn about the three juice small stew pot, start a business with less detours, 1-2 people can successfully open a shop.
So, what's the matter of "hand in hand" teaching to open a shop?
"Whole store output" is to highlight the characteristics of the M-mode.
The output of the whole store includes the following four words: the complete set of output of the whole chain store, including the design drawings of tableware, work clothes, glass stickers, dining outlets and interior decoration; the automatic induction cooker, special stewing pot and secret seasoning that must be used in the production of all dishes; the cash register system and other equipment and services required by the operation.
In terms of service, including the location of the store in the early stage, the provision of decoration design scheme, and the theoretical and practical training of dish making, these training are essential if you want to officially open business. During the opening period, there will be special teachers stationed to guide the opening activities. If you have any problems during the formal operation, the headquarters will give you a 24-hour response and give solutions. In the season changing stage, the R & D Department of the headquarters will also provide some real-time new cuisines to franchisees for free. Nanny style posture to cover all the problems, the rest of you can concentrate on making money.
There are 32 series and more than 100 dishes in the three juice small stew pot, and new and fashionable tastes are regularly introduced. The dishes include stew pot, stewed noodles, xinla noodles and bibimbap in stone pot, etc. After years of accumulation, there has been a large number of loyal consumers.
总得来说,已经为加M者开店铺平了道路。全 方位的整店输出加上优良品牌的号召力,打造一家自己的餐饮店现在看来并不是一件难事。
All in all, it has paved the way for m plus stores. It is not a difficult task to build a restaurant of one's own with the overall output of the whole store and the appeal of excellent brands.

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